03 October 2010

Neenie's 7th Birthday: a Pink & Zebra ART Party!

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of working on a fabulous art party for Judy of Cutest Little Things (you must see her party here - it's amazing!) She contacted me at the exact moment I was contemplating party plans for my daughter, Neenie, who was about to turn 7... it was one of those bright shining light wa-HAAAA moments! We held the party at The Tipsy Canvas and since the location was already fabulous - a sunny lime green lounge and zebra print bench, and hot pink drop cloths flanked with colorful paintings - we used the surroundings as our theme inspiration!

Neenie's Art Party

Venturing into 7 year old parties with classmates is rather new to me! Thankfully we are young enough not to yell EWWWWW when asked if we would be inviting boys as well as girls! However, we surely didn't want the boys to yell EWWWWW when they got a pink invitation in the mail, so we sent them the same invite on chartreuse with a matching envelope. I was absolutely tickled when one mom mentioned that her daughter had carried her invitation around the house with a paintbrush all evening, pretending to paint from her palette!

handmade art party invitation paint palette

We added blossom and pool to the fuchsia, chartreuse, and zebra scheme to keep the party bright, colorful, but gender friendly! Since we were having the event outside of the home I wanted all of the decorations to be easily transportable, so I used balloon sticks I found at Hobby Lobby to arrange a few balloons in a vase. No last minute trips for helium balloons!

The kids loved the chocolate drizzled "zebra" rice krispie pops. I wrapped each individually so they could be prepared the day before and arranged them on florist's foam covered in pink and zebra paper. They were transported to the party like this and it made everything so easy!

zebra rice krispie pops art party

zebra rice krispie pops art party

Archiver's decorative paint cans made perfect candy displays, and I filled each with candies in colors to match the party. PERFECT table display to tie together our colorful painting party! I get all of my candy from Oh! Nuts - you can shop by color, the price is unbeatable, you don't have to buy 10 pounds of gumballs, and it is amazingly fresh and delicious!! (That sounds like a paid advertisement... I really wasn't paid to say that but I am more than willing to be paid in candy??)

candy paint buckets art party

After the party we gave each child a goodie bag and let them fill their bags with the candy from the buckets!

candy paint buckets sweets table paint art party

At the last minute I decided to dip pretzel rods in chocolate, and then I realized another dollop of colored chocolate would make these treats look like paint brushes! It had to be done.. midnight or not!

chocolate pretzel paint brush art party

Decorated sugar cookies... ahhh you beautiful delicious cookies that (can) look like little works of art in your own right. I have never been able to boast fabulous baking skills, but unfortunately I waited too long to order them from any of the fabulous bakeries I have found since then, so I decided I was just going to have to force myself to learn. A great tutorial from Brown Eyed Baker found here provided me with the most perfect instructions and recipes and I am forever grateful! She even has a link for a super easy cookie recipe, and what a miracle it was that I was able to bake AND decorate these cookies ALL BY MYSELF!! (And yes, it is completely coincidental that her tutorial features photos of the Pittsburgh Penguins cookies she made during the Stanley Cup Finals!)

zebra sugar cookies pink art party

The biggest feature of the sweets table was the cupcake palette, with cupcakes of the party's colors matched by our local Publix! I took paper samples from the invitation for the decorator, and I asked her to make them look like Dairy Queen cones. She did not disappoint!

paint palette cupcakes pink art party

I cut a large painter's palette from heavy duty foam core board to display the cupcakes.

paint party cupcakes pink zebra artist

The sweets table turned out exactly as I hoped, and the kids happily gobbled up every last treat!

art party sweets table

art party sweets table

We had a fabulous time painting with Ms. Dusti, and the kids had a blast creating their cupcake masterpieces! Each child received a custom embroidered apron to wear at the party, and take home as a party favor. The got so messy I wish I had remembered to take a before picture of the aprons!

The Tipsy Canvas

The party was perfect for the kids age range, allowing them to get messy and have fun while captivating their imagination and creativity. I caught some precious moments like this one - a hair dryer battle while they were blow drying their paintings.

Those smiles are priceless!

My beautiful artists, Neenie and little sister Lulu, showing off their work. (Lulu had a little help from daddy.)

What a great bunch of kids!! Just watching the sparkle in their eyes, the furrowed eyebrows when they were concentrating on their painting, the little hands sneaking up onto the table for 1 or 2 (or 6) more cookies... oh I think that really was a gift for me!! I hope you found some inspiration here for your little artists!

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