You've heard it a million times...
but this time is different, I promise. You see, there are an infinite number of moms who were inspired to start their own stationery shop when they just couldn't find the perfect invitation for their child's party... yadda yadda (stop me if you've heard this one!) 

Seriously though. I love those moms. I'm one of them. 

You may have noticed I'm a little sarcastic. A wiseguy. And I actually have (always had) a bit of an OCD problem too to tell the truth. I may or may not have some strange compulsions... like my love of the sound of cutting paper. Oh, and I'm a perfectionest to boot. Sure, these "issues" may make my day to day life a little, um, complicated. Odd. Unusual. Hilarious. But they happen to come together to make one fabulously dedicated and driven business owner too :)

Ok that's not really me,
though that's how I think I look most    
days! This is my littlest of two silly girls    
who are my constant inspiration :)   
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